Do you get the same team building proposals over and over again for your organizations? Have you gone through the same team building experiences over and over again and you are looking for some novelty in your teambuilding experiences? Cebu Team Building Services, a network of Cebu-based team building and training facilitators understands the necessity for novelty and diversity in the team building experience. Taking this into account, facilitators of the Cebu Team Building Services network brainstormed on programs that will provide new team building experiences and offer a variety of options for organizations looking for team building programs. Following are theme options for team building programs:

1. Rat Race Team Building

2. Cookout Team Building

3. Raft Making Team Building

4. Puzzle Hunt Team Building

5. Makeover Team Building

6. Mission Possible Team Building

7. Boot Camp Team Building

In the next few article posts, these team building theme options will be discussed in further detail. So stay tuned. Should you need a quote, contact information is available below:

Thaddeau “Thadz” Engaling II

Training Consultant



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