Team building programs are not just events where employees or members of one organization can gather and bond. Team building programs are opportunities for organizations to address work-related issues pertaining to interpersonal relationships, achievement motivation, efficiency and improvement of work processes, communication, team work and cooperation, and organizational structure.

While many team building program service providers emphasize on what activities to employ, it is rather important for organizations to look more into the rationale of the team building programs they are offered and insist on programs that lean toward boosting worker morale, improve team camaraderie, enhance communication and feedbacking systems within the organization, bring about awareness of the team dynamics with the end in view of becoming a highly performing team, and solidify commitment towards organizational goals and purpose.

A good start in looking for a good team building service provider is to have bidders present their training philosophy and the theories that their team building program offerings are anchored on. The most common theories team building programs are anchored on include Bruce Tuckman’s Stages in Group Development, David Sirota’s Three-Factor Theory of Motivation in the Workplace, Meredith Belbin’s Team Roles, McLelland’s achievement motivation theory, Blanchard’s Situational Leadership theory, Blanchard’s Gung Ho principle, among others. For a more detailed discussion of these theories and a discussion on how I can help with your organizational development needs, you may reach me at the following contact information:

Thaddeau Engaling II


032-2387936(Home Phone)

032-2328185(Office Phone at UP Cebu)


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