While many organizations in Cebu recognize the necessity of team building seminars, the cost for good team building venues have been prohibitive. Resorts were not really built for team building programs as they serve more of the leisure requirement of their guests. With this in mind, facilitators from the Cebu Team Building Services network continually scout for alternative team building venues in Cebu and the Philippines.

Lately, we came across the Department of Education’s Ecotech Center in Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City. Ecotech Center is a seminar facility run by the Department of Education’s Central Visayas regional office and intended as a venue for the various seminars that the department conducts. Alternatively, as a way to generate income, Ecotech’s facilities have been opened to external users making it one of the cheaper venues for meetings, seminars, and other functions.

The facilities at Ecotech Center include various function rooms, lodging facilities ranging from triple sharing accommodations to dormitory rooms(all airconditioned, and cafeteria. They also rent out LCD projectors, organize city tours, and provide catering services.

Following are the rates for their conference hall rentals as of September 2011:

Conference Room Standard Rate Overtime Rate Capacity
Pavilion PHP 5000/day PHP 800/hour 300
Executive Hall PHP 3000/day PHP 400/hour 200
Kamagong PHP 1600/day PHP 230/hour 60
Narra PHP 1500/day PHP 200/hour 40
Narra II PHP 1500/day PHP 200/hour 40
Molave PHP 1500/day PHP 200/hour 40
Molave II PHP 1300/day PHP 180/hour 20
New Dining Hall(1st Floor) PHP 2000/day PHP 250/hour 40
New Dining Hall(2nd Floor) PHP 2000/day PHP 250/hour 60
Yakal Room PHP 1500/day PHP 200/hour 30
Secretariat Room PHP 1000/day PHP 120/hour 12
Tanguile PHP 1000/day PHP 125/hour 12

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