Much of the literature on team building have emphasized on the team goals, identifying issues that inhibit the team from achieving its goals, removing these inhibitors to help the team achieve the goals and move teams towards performing well.

Little emphasis is given on maintaining commitment beyond the achievement of team goals initially identified. Once teams become largely successful, the danger of complacency can set in. Team members may seek the comfort in established routines sometimes to the point of establishing too much bureaucracy, the quantity and quality of work may become lackluster, team members may settle for past successes, and can be unmotivated to take on new challenges.

Bruce Wayne Tuckman identified five(5) stages in the development of a team: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. The challenge in each stage are: to clarify goals and create a common purpose in the forming stage, to resolve conflicts constructively and to manage roles and expectations in the storming stage, defining rules and managing relationships in the norming stage, seek for improved performance in the performing stage, and managing task completion in the adjourning stage.

Later writers who used Tuckman as a reference later added the dorming stage, observing that teams that become successful can become complacent. Many times, I have come across team building facilitators who have a difficulty finding ideas or crafting team building programs for teams that already perform well. Overcoming the dorming stage is a real challenge for performing teams and team building facilitators can look into how to craft activities and programs that can address this need in training.

Author: Thaddeau Engaling II is a team development consultant based in Cebu with extensive experience in creating, implementing, and facilitating training programs for various types of organizations in the areas of team building, relationship enhancement, self-awareness, trust & sensitivity training, and organizational development. For reference to his character and experience, you may refer to his curriculum vitae at and his blog(website) at You may also reach him through mobile number +639233173433.

Sources: Allindiary, The TealTrust, Team Building Bonanza, Excellerate


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