The current trend in team building training lately leans toward play-based adventure-based programming modules. Many team building facilitators are cashing in on this trend in Cebu and elsewhere in the Philippines. Sadly, however, many programs place too much focus on raw experiences that do not necessarily translate into concrete learning and on-the-job applicability.
These unfortunate incidents of merely creating a recreational program for a supposedly organizational development mechanism has projected a misleading picture of experiential education training programs as merely “feel good” workshops seen more as recreational programs rather than as a real team building mechanism.

Team building is not merely an incentive

With this kind of a mindset, team building programs then become incentive items for employees. Those who do well get to attend a team building program which they will merely treat as a leisure break. With this kind of people in a team building program, you can’t expect the best results.

Team building is an Opportunity for Growth 

There is a strong need to reinforce the local team building climate and re-educate corporate bigwigs and human resource practitioners that team building programs can create positive results that influence organizational dynamics, impel individual players in organizations to take constructive actions toward change, and in the long run reinforce development of organizational values.

Team building is not a Band-aid Solution

In contrast to team building programs as incentives, many organizations make team building training as a last resort option for solutions to organizational problems. In most cases, this comes at a point where the team building interventions are futile since it is too late.
Team building professionals must disseminate awareness that in order to optimize the results of team building training, it needs to be a dynamic and constant process, an element integrated into the organization’s core processes.

Team building is not a Stand-alone Solution

Team building training results are maximized when done parallel with other programs geared towards individual and organizational development. It can be used to create awareness of organizational dynamics which can propel establishing organizational development programs, which can as well utilize training as intervention tool. Team building training can be used to reinforce the development of individuals within the context of organizational goals.

Given the myths and facts mentioned above, we have come to a conclusion that the local team building scene is groping for a respectable identity among corporate organizations. There is a need to reexamine the values of team building service providers and develop ones that will make everybody realize that team building is not merely recreation, that the essence of adventure programs goes far beyond the ropes courses, or the kayaks, or the wild outdoors. Team building training should create a ripple big enough to shake people in organizations a bit so they’ll start pondering how else can they become better individuals, better contributors to their organization’s causes.


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