To assist organizations in their commitment to develop optimally performing teams, Cebu Teambuilding Services tap on the power of experiential learning to effect positive change. Most of the activities incorporated into Cebu Teambuilding Services modules are either real-world experiences(e.g. trekking, camping, caving) or structured learning activities that allow participants to draw out insights from the experience. These activities could take the form of games, outdoor activities, mind puzzles, etc. participants go through the Experience(E), undergo some Processing(P), then Share(S) similar life experiences that relates to their insights. Most important is how one Acts(A) to utilize their learnings into action plans in the workplace. This model borrows heavily from David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle. Cebu Teambuilding Services’ paradigm in doing teambuilding activities borrows largely from Bruce W. Tuckman’s Stages in Group Development. Teams move from a spectrum of forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. At the most fundamental level, the goal is to move the team to the performing stage. On more advanced levels, the goal includes having the team understand the dynamics of adjourning and the benefits it brings to the organization. Occasionally, as a supplement to the Tuckman model, Meredith Belbin’s Team Role theory and Henry Tajfel’s Social Identity theory are cited. Awareness is an integral part of Cebu Team Building Services modules. For teams to move to the performing stage, it is necessary to create awareness of their current dynamics, i.e., interpersonal relationships within the organization, the social dynamics involved in doing the organization’s tasks, and an understanding of roles within the organization.

We, at Cebu Teambuilding Services believe in the importance of organizational leadership in moving teams forward. While we believe in the power of transcendental leadership as a powerful force in creating an inspired and shared vision, we also believe that good leadership is dependent on situations. We therefore look at transcendental, transformational, and transactional leadership as planes of leadership that may necessarily overlap. Our leadership programs are founded on the theories of Kurt Lewin, French & Raven, Blake & Mouton, Hersey & Blanchard, Bernard Bass, Kouzes & Posner, James McGregor Burns, and Robert K. Greenleaf.

It is important that the activities Cebu Teambuilding Services initiates are what is needed to attain the training objectives, comprehensible to the participants, sequenced logically, safe and designed to draw out optimum learning.


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  1. very nice. im planning to put up A Team building Services training consultancy firm here in zamboanga, and i wish to tap you as one of our service providers in the future. can you help me with this AF? i am writing a Feasibility Study now. pls keep in touch contact me 09286037294

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