In an effort to provide organizations in Cebu and the Philippines with services that highlight benefits in improved team performance, Cebu Team Building Services offers the following:


Team Building

Organizations aim at developing optimally-performing teams to move forward. Teams that perform well boost organization morale, help build smooth interpersonal relationships within the organization, develop efficient communication schemes, influence trust, ease the burden of work and influence the regular achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. Organizations ranging from non-profits, sales groups, call center teams, customer service teams, and government agencies have tapped the expertise of the facilitators from the Cebu Team Building Services network to facilitate their team building programs.

Customize your organization’s team building themes to either of the following:

  • Culinary Team Building
  • Rat Race
  • Puzzle Hunt
  • Makeover
  • Mission Possible
  • Boot Camp
  • Raft Building

Leadership Training

The rapid advances in technology and the radical change in the pace of how business is done makes it necessary for organizations to adapt to these changes and keep up. Organizations have to be led in such a way that everyone involved can step up to the challenge of making their organization responsive to the challenges of the times. Cebu Teambuilding Services helps organizations identify and become aware of their leadership dynamics. Using this awareness, our facilitators help the organization in identifying a leadership structure that helps keep the organization abreast with the whirlwind pace of the business world.

Strategic Planning

A clear corporate and business strategy is a must for every organization aiming to succeed. A well-crafted strategic plan will provide a clear direction for those involved in moving the organization forward. It will serve as a guide for important decisions to make. The team of facilitators from Cebu Teambuilding Services can help organizations through facilitating strategic planning workshops.

Goal Setting & Action Planning

In order for teams to move forward, they will need a vehicle to put vision and mission statements as well as strategic plans into action. Specific goal sets and action plans enumerate the specific actions and tasks necessary to achieve a stated mission, vision and contents of the strategic plan. Organizations can look to Cebu Teambuilding Services to help them translate their teams purpose into specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely actions.


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