Learner Engagement

As a basic principle, the facilitators of the Cebu Teambuilding Services network believe in learning by experience. Engaging learners to be active in their learning processes allows them to exhibit ownership of their insights, take more responsibility for their choices and take active roles in application of insights within their organizations.


Participant safety is a must in every activity that Cebu Teambuilding Services’ network of facilitators initiates. Our technical partners are carefully chosen with safe practices as a very important criterion in selecting them.

Post-Training Correspondence

Follow-up is an important post-event component that helps teams assess the gains of their team development activities and help them gauge how far they have moved forward. The Cebu Teambuilding Services network is open to continued correspondence with its clientele even beyond the training day.

Tangible Outputs

With the mushrooming of team development outfits that offer facilitation services for team building and other training programs, it has now become more difficult for organizations to sort out which service providers offer the best value. The Cebu Teambuilding Services network has made a commitment to include tangible outputs as outcomes of its team building and other training and development programs. These outputs can take the form of strategic plans, action plans and goal sets that can be objectively measured.

Holistic Approach

Training interventions should focus on not only one area. The facilitators of Cebu Teambuilding Services take a holistic approach in addressing all areas that influences the organization.


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